This Health Guarantee Applies to Puppies from Birth to Two Years


The Buyer agrees to feed the puppy a high quality, super premium food. The Seller highly recommends 4 Strong Paws. Royal Canin, IAMS, Eukanuba or Pedigree is also acceptable. If the Buyer should ever have any questions on health or nutrition, please contact the Breeder.
If the puppy should develop a genetic ailment within the first two years of life, your puppy will be replaced with a puppy of the same colour and sex as soon as the breeder has one available.
The Buyer may choose a refund equal to one half of the purchase price instead of a replacement. (If your puppy is a rare and unique colour, replacement of the same colour may not be available.) The Buyer then has the option to choose a puppy of another colour but shall be the same sex as the original puppy.

There will be no refunds or reimbursement of any money for veterinarian bills or other expenses incurred by the Buyer. All veterinarian fees and other expenses incurred will be the Buyer’s responsibility.
In a case where this health warranty is used and the Buyer requests a replacement puppy or a reimbursement of their purchase price, copies of the puppy’s entire medical history and all receipts of food consumed must be forwarded to the Breeder.
The puppy must be spayed or neutered by 10 months of age. Recommended age is 6 months.
If at any time of the dogs life the Buyer is unable to keep the dog or wishes to place it in a new home, the Breeder MUST be notified FIRST and would be honoured to assist in any way.
This Health Guarantee is void if any part of this contract is breached by the Buyer.